VEE Courses

Requirements for Associateship in both the Society of Actuaries (SoA)and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) include validation of educational experiences outside the Society’s education system (VEE).   The SoA requires you to validate proficiency in Economics, Accounting & Finance, and Mathematical Statistics.  The CAS requires only Economics and Accounting & Finance.

You can find more information on VEE courses at  UNC-CH offers courses that satisfy the VEE requirements.  You must receive a B- or higher to receive VEE credit.  Below is a chart of the current VEE requirements and the corresponding UNC-CH courses that we recommend.  Complete all VEE requirements before graduation if you can.

VEE CreditUNC-CH Course
EconomicsMicro: ECON 410
Macro: ECON 420
Both: ECON 101H
Accounting and FinanceAccounting: BUSI 102
Finance: BUSI 408
Mathematical StatisticsSTOR 555

Non-business majors cannot sign up for BUSI 408 through ConnectCarolina, and must instead apply for a seat in that class through the Kenan Flagler Business School.

Students who completed both the micro and macroeconomics APs and scored a 4 or a 5 on each qualify for the VEE Economics credit.