Actuarial Sciences at UNC-CH

Actuarial studies is an informal concentration rather than an independent major and is therefore open to students in any major. Most students pursue actuarial studies at UNC-CH by majoring or minoring in Statistics and Analytics, an undergraduate program administered by the Department of Statistics and Operations Research. Courses offered by this program include:

STOR 455, 556, 557, and 565 (Statistical Methods I, Time Series Data Analysis, Advanced Methods of Data Analysis, and Machine Learning), which cover topics from Society of Actuaries Exam SRM and Casualty Actuarial Society Exam MAS-I.  STOR 565 is considered to be the most helpful for Exam SRM.  STOR 556/557 may help with Exam PA.

STOR 435 (Intro to Probability), which lays the foundation for the first actuarial examination.

STOR 471 (Long-Term Actuarial Models) and STOR 472 (Short-Term Actuarial Models), which cover topics from Society of Actuaries Exam FAM and expose the student to the kinds of models that life insurance, pension, and casualty actuaries develop on the job.

STOR 475 (Health Care Analytics), which introduces students to the healthcare industry and provide hands-on experience with key actuarial and analytical concepts that apply across the actuarial field.

STOR 555 (Mathematical Statistics), which validates VEE Mathematical Statistics.

If you complete these STOR courses, validate the remaining VEE topics, pass at least two actuarial examinations, and develop good communication skills,  you should be able to compete well for actuarial jobs.  With additional courses in computer science, economics, and business , you will be even more competitive.

Don’t overlook the importance of learning the soft skills.  Take classes in verbal and written communication.  Passing exams may get you an interview, but it’s the soft skills that will get you the job and help you keep it.  Work hard to improve yours.