VEE Courses

Prospective actuaries must complete Validation by Educational Experiences (VEE) Courses in order to achieve Associateship in either the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society.  The Society of Actuaries currently requires you to complete coursework in Economics, Corporate Finance, and Applied Statistical Methods.  (Changes that are coming in 2018 are included in this discussion.) The Casualty Actuarial Society requires only Economics and Corporate Finance (Applied Statistical Methods is tested on Exam S).  More information on VEE courses can be found at  UNC-CH offers courses that count towards these VEE requirements, though students must receive a B- or higher for VEE credit.  Below is a chart of the current VEE Requirements and the corresponding UNC-CH courses that we recommend.  Complete all VEE requirements before graduation if you can.

VEE CreditUNC-CH Course
EconomicsECON 410 and ECON 420
Corporate FinanceBUSI 408
Applied Statistical MethodsSTOR 455 and STOR 556

Note that both Econ 410 and Econ 420 must be taken for the VEE Economics credit, and both Stor 455 and Stor 556 must be taken for VEE Applied Statistical Methods credit.  Non-business majors cannot sign up for Busi 408 through ConnectCarolina, and must instead apply for a seat in that class through the Kenan Flagler Business School.

* Students who completed  both the micro and macroeconomics APs and scored a 4 or a 5 on each qualify for the VEE Economics credit.

The Society of Actuaries has approved curriculum changes that will take effect in 2018.  VEE Applied Statistics will be replaced by VEE Mathematical Statistics, and accounting will be added to the Corporate Finance VEE.  For information on transition rules, see the Society of Actuaries’ Curriculum Changes Transition Rules.