Study Materials

Study Manuals

CASO has a limited supply of study manuals for the preliminary actuarial exams.  CASO members may borrow items for up to 3 months at no cost.  These items can be renewed for one additional 3-month-period if there is no waiting list for that item.  After a borrower has held an item for a period of 6 months, he may continue to renew it for additional 3-month periods, though if CASO gets a request for that item by another student, the borrower must return the item immediately. Any expense (such as postage) relating to the return of the item is the responsibility of the borrower.  CASO will send borrowers an email reminder at the end of each 3-month period.  It is the borrower’s responsibility to replace lost, damaged or stolen items, in which case CASO will bill the borrower for the cost of the item.  Membership in CASO is assumed to end when a student graduates or otherwise withdraws from the University, and all borrowed items are due at that time.

To request an item, please contact the Vice President of Education & Examinations (contact info on the Executives page).

Here is a list of available study manuals.


Online Study Materials

There are a number of online study materials that students have found helpful in the past.

The Infinite Actuary (TIA) has video lessons for many of the exams as well as practice tests with video solutions.  TIA offers some free exams that are quite useful when preparing for an exam, and students can pay a fee in order to access TIA’s full video/practice test database.

The Society of Actuaries provides online sample exams for Exam P and Exam FM.

Coaching Actuaries/ADAPT is an online testing software that adapts to the student’s current level.  As you learn more and are able to answer more difficult questions, you will start to see tougher questions.  The goal is to reach a difficulty level to equal to or greater than the difficulty level of the actuarial exam.  Though this is not free, many students have used it in the past and found that it was worth the expense.


Study Groups

Some students may find it helpful to have a study group when preparing for actuarial exams.  These study groups can be used to ask questions, exchange study materials, coordinate study sessions, etc.

Here is an online spreadsheet that students may use to coordinate study groups.