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The mission of Carolina’s Actuarial Student Organization is to develop friendship and cooperation among the fellow students of the Actuarial Studies Program while spreading awareness of the actuarial profession to prospective members.

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Congratulations to Tarheelytics, a team of 5 UNC students who finished second in the Society of Actuaries 2019 Student Research Case Study Challenge.  The case study focused on designing an automobile insurance product for autonomous vehicles.  The SoA received entries from college and university actuarial students around the world.  UNC will receive a $3,000 grant from the SoA, and each student on the team will receive $500.

From left to right: Moreau Mo ( Statistics & Analytics); Yihan Qiu  (Statistics & Analytics, Information Science); Yingnan Wu (Statistics & Analytics, Computer Science); Yirun Li (Biostatistics, Math); Tian Xin (Statistics & Analytics, Math)

If you want to know more about where our alumni are working, check out our Alumni page.